Who would have guessed?! A tea post!

The lovely Miss Abi from Creating Paper Dreams is inviting us into her home today and as it was so lovely chatting with her, I invited her back to our place! So why not sit down and have another cuppa?!




My caffeine intake for this day is already saturated so I’m taking a herbal tea instead: Blütenkuss, or let’s say Blossom Kiss for my British friends – in one of my favourite stripy cup. As our kitchen is not the cosiest place I would invite you to our living room with the big table right underneath the window where we can watch the snow flurries swirl from the sky. Yes! Snow flurries! In March! Even END of March. We would shake our heads in disbelieve and both agree, that we are tired of the cold weather and of our jumper drawers. At the same time I would pull my hood over my head and grab the fluffy fingerless mittens my SIL knitted for me.

I would let my the cats in, who would roll on our laps and warm us like the hot tea cup does and while I would offer you another oat biscuit I would refuse (with a heavy heart) because I’m still not eating lots of carbs at the moment.

I would also tell you about the disruption last night, when I woke up at about 4.30 in the morning. There was a noise coming from the kitchen, or let’s say from the cat flap there. But as Findus and Lisa were both with me it couldn’t be them making that noise!
I would tell you, that I got up (with a suspicion already in mind), throwing over my dressing gown and walking downstairs to the kitchen. Then, when I opened the door (very carefully of course) there was a black cat with white paws, clearly a bit distressed of the fact that it couldn’t leave the kitchen: The cat flap was set on “just come inside” – and that was where the noise had come from: the attempts by the cat to use the flap to get out of here again! Poor thing!
As the cat wasn’t aggressive, even curling around my legs while purring, I offered some more food and opened up the flap to “just go outside”!


Abi and I would laugh about that story (she also has a cat). She would also have known that – as a scrapbooker – I would have my camera within reach and snap some evidence photos of this scene (see photo above!).

Now as it was still early evening I would invite her to another cuppa and maybe a quick game?! I would tell her how glad I was to hear that she and her brother grew up in a board game loving family! When being with friends I like to look them into their eyes while chatting and having a great time! I’m not that type of person who enjoys console/PC games. I like the (wooden) hardware of games (and I am glad my brother’s family does share the love as well!). Then I would suggest a quick game of Kingdom Builder, our newest game with several add-ons. Or maybe Carcassonne? There even is a Winter Edition out now – but who wants more of the cold weather or even snow on the cards!?

I also would tell her about my books I am reading at the moment (and for that I’m going to bed early so I have time to enjoy them): I am on the 9th book of the Night World series (second time already) and I would tell Abi that I am really looking forward to the 10th book, which finally is announced by end of this year!

Before finishing our last sips from our cups I would tell the smart girl that I am going to start on some scrapbooking layouts the following day and that I am happy to have some time working on them over Easter. And I would tell her that I am proud of my hubby that he is so hard working – even on Good Friday and Holy Saturday! But then, he is off on Sunday and if the weather is going to be dry (which the MetOffice told us it will be) we will be doing something EXCITING I hope!

And then, as we would have finished our game, our tea and as the hands of the clock had moved to night time already, I would say good bye to my young friend. I would hug her, wish her a great time over Easter and send a big hello to the boy on her way. Who will know when we will meet again for another cuppa? I really do hope in the near future as it was nice having a normal chat with a friend – even if just virtual!


3 thoughts on “Who would have guessed?! A tea post!

  1. Thank you for chatting with me! It really felt like we were sitting down for a cup of tea there. I did actually laugh out loud about the cat! So glad you are a board playing family too. We like Carcasonne in this house but our other favourite is ticket to ride. Have you played that? Thank you so much for joining in! x

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