Ready, Set, Go! – Our Travel Journal Part V

Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Cover - Daphne - dapfniedesign

Welcome back! Here it is – finally: the finished Travel Album!
It still isn’t that high – I left out chip boards, wood veneers and all bulky things on purpose.Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Cover 2 - Daphne - dapfniedesign

I included pieces (maps, pages, advertisements) from an old travel book into our journal – that was really fun! If gave the journal the character I wanted it to have.Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Day 1 - Daphne - dapfniedesign

Also included are bits and pieces from our shopping tours, park tickets, receipts, …Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Day 3 - Daphne - dapfniedesign

Documenting the food we had was also important so we took lots of instagrams of the specialities we had in Cornwall.Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Day 5 - Daphne - dapfniedesign

I also liked the idea of OLD and NEW in our journal, so I tried to take similar pictures of the places we visited as they were in the book (see above and further down).Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Day 5 Cape Cornwall - Daphne - dapfniedesign

My aim was to fill all the pages with writing, and when this didn’t work then I added more stamped images, tags, tape,…Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Day 6 - Daphne - dapfniedesign

Journal cards are a perfect match for this album: They have the right size and are very versatile.Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Day 6 Penzance - Daphne - dapfniedesign Ready. Set. Go! Travel Journal Day 7 - Daphne - dapfniedesign

And here it is: the whole Travel Journal in one video!

Have fun!

Carta Bella – Beach Boardwalk
American Crafts – Amy Tangerine – Ready Set Go
and lots of other bits and pieces from my stash!



16 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go! – Our Travel Journal Part V

  1. This really is one of the coolest ways I have ever seen to document a little vacation. Thank you for sharing. I love the idea of using travel books old and new to help with the backgrounds and such. I also love how you took little samples of the sand and included them in your book as well. Amazing job. I love it!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Da habe ich ja einiges in den letzten Wochen ohne Internet verpasst aber das Urlaubsmini ist ja einfach der Knaller! Ich finde es genial und super und…ich weiß gar nicht was ich sagen soll. Sowas wollte ich auch schon immer machen aber irgendwie nie dazu gekommen. Toll! Die anderen Projekte sind auch wieder wunderschön geworden, kenne ich nicht anders von dir 😉

    • Ich danke dir Alex! Es hat sehr viel Spass gemacht! Ich liebe es, vom Urlaub heimzukommen und gleich ein fertiges Projekt in den Haenden halten zu koennen!

  3. Absolutely Amazing!… I really love everything about your travel journal. Very unique and creative. May I ask you, where can one get those small transparent vellum like pockets you used, are they sold pre-made or did you create them? Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journal with all of us. I’m a big fan of your work and love your YouTube video. Your work is truly inspirational,thank you again. 🙂

  4. Absolutely beautiful! 🙂 what a piece of art and such a clever idea to combine your journal with the old book 🙂 where did you find the old travel guide?

    • Thanks, glad you like it! I read about an old travel guide on a Cornwall lover’s blog and thought I might can incorporate content in my book. I then actually used real pages out of the book.
      I found it on abebooks.

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