Scrappy Blog Tour

A warm welcome to all my friends in the scrapbooking world! This blog post is my part of the scrappy blog tour that’s been happening around blogland. Anna (a former colleague of The Studio Design Team) kindly nominated me last week on Monday and today is my turn to tell you a little bit more about my projects, favourites and inspirations.

1.  What am I working on right now?
You don’t really want to know what I am working on right now (this coursework feels like a never ending task for me!), but creatively I am just trying to catch up on some good memories I made the last months. A lot has changed since last December, I’m still coming to terms with all of it but there is some bling on the bottom of my scrapbooking paper pile!

See the World - dapfniedesign - Shimelle - American Crafts Peacock - dapfniedesign - Shimelle - American Crafts River Stour - dapfniedesign - Shimelle - American Crafts

2.  How long does it take me to create a project?
Because of the restricted time I give myself to scrap, I always try to do as many layouts as possible. This means on a lazy Sunday, when all other chores are done, I can sit down for about six to seven hours and just scrap along! Four or five layouts are a good average on days like these!

3.  What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?
Paper is and will be my favourite medium to create (I am a paper stroker I have to admit), but there are all those little things which I cannot resist, like twine, label stickers, rhinestones and enamel dots, washi tape and colour mists.

4.  How does my writing/creative process work?
For quite a while now I use a white, textured piece of card stock to start my creative process, onto which I lay the photos I want to scrap. Then I decide for the scrapbooking paper; the alpha stickers, embellishments and all other details are coming later. For the journalling I always write a draft on a scrap piece of paper and then it finds its place onto the layout. While writing it down, I do have to have complete silence – no music or other distracting noises can be around!

5.  How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
There is a great inspiring scrapbooking community around on the internet; some are close by, other are further away, but the WWW is making it easy to “meet” them and refresh your mojo. I also love pinterest as a starting point when I’m looking for new ideas.

6.  What is my signature style?
It is always difficult to describe your own style, especially when you think you don’t have one really. But when looking closer I can find some features which are around more often than they used to be in the beginning: bold colours, detailed clusters with embellishments, page filling layouts and the love for the colours blue and red.

Mupe Bay Love - dapfniedesigOn our Way to Portland Bill Lighthouse - - Shimelle - American Crafts Pebble Sculptures - dapfniedesign


I would like to nominate:

Marjan (aka The Scrappy Mermaid) is one of my dearest friends in the scrapbooking world (and beyond). Having met her only twice in real time because of our geographical gap (she lives in Norway), we chat regularly online and share the great passion of scrapbooking.

I haven’t met Jennifer Grace in real life yet, although she just lives down the road (more or less) in Wareham! She’s got a cute little family and her creative engagement and enthusiasm is endless.

Sandra Dietrich (aka mojosanti) is a former colleague from the Scrapbook Werkstatt Design team (and she still is!). I love her clean and light style; all her creations are designed with a very skilled eye and hand. She inspires me a lot to try something new or different from time to time.

Thanks you so much for joining me today on my blog. Do check out my nominated friends and check back next Monday on their blog when they are opening up their little Scrappy Blog Tour!


4 thoughts on “Scrappy Blog Tour

  1. Very fun and interesting post. As usual, your layouts are very beautiful. I love the embellishment clusters which are part of your style!

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