Happy New Year 2015!


JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (1)

Happy New Year 2015 to all my family, friends and crafty people out there! This is going to be our year!
How have your festive days been? Mine were busy because I was visiting my parents (and family and friends) in Germany and there is always so little time to catch up with everyone. So I hope no one is too disappointed about me disappearing without contacting them.

Back in the UK since Tuesday evening, it was time to reflect on the passing year 2014 and where it led me – physically, emotionally and creatively: I have moved last summer and hopefully found a place where I can start fresh. My mojo was gone most of the year, but I managed to do some layouts every now and then (much more difficult when not having a craft room any more).

And despite being very very busy during December with juggling different jobs at once, sitting down in the evenings for my coursework and seeing friends at the weekend, I managed to create my Christmas Journal. It is my 7th album and I am proud to tell you that they are all so very different. Different in format, style and the content of course; but we are living in a time, where everything can change rapidly in just seconds.

JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (2)

And that is one reason, I am not showing you all pages of my journal this year. The journaling which goes with each entry is very personal this year and I don’t want to share it with the whole world. I hope you are not too disappointed. I am still sharing my pages in Shimelle’s Class Forum with the fellow participants of “Journal Your Christmas” – so if you are curious, you can have a look there.

I am not saying, I am stopping blogging, crafting or scrapbooking – it will just change slightly the kind of layouts I am going to share on my blog (if I ever have time again for scrapping 😉 ). I am looking forward to finishing my coursework, so that there is a little bit more time to be creative.

Until my next post, here are a few more close ups from my Christmas journal – and it is not finished yet, I’m just waiting for some photos I ordered and then the crafting can resume!
JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (3) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (4) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (5) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (6) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (7) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (8) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (9) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (10) JYC 2014 - Daphne -  (11)


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015!

  1. Liebe Daphne,

    ich wünsche Dir für das neue Jahr, dass Du Dein Studium zufrieden beenden wirst und
    mir, dass Du dann wieder mehr Zeit zum Scrappen findest und Dein Mojo übersprudelt vor Kreativität. Deine Sneaks vom DD sehen wunderbar aus!

    GLG aus dem Deutschland mit englischem Wetter

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