Hello 2015 | a Scrapbooking Layout with Lucky Charm

Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign - titleHappy Tuesday everyone! How has your week been so far? Yes, I know; it’s just Tuesday and the biggest chunk of the week is still to come. For most of us here in the UK it is the last week of term and we are breaking up for Easter holiday on Friday. Hooray for that!

Everything appears to be pretty early this year; especially when I chose to use those two photos on my layout – they were taken in January and it seemed just like yesterday to me! Mr Evans hosted a big feast for family and friends on the first weekend in the new year and we all had a great time.
Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign

For my layout I used more of the scraps I had left from Dear Lizzy’s “Lucky Charm” by American Crafts; it was and it still is a great collection and I am quite happy to use it up until the very last scrap!Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign - close up 1

By the way – the tiny umbrellas on this page do have a reason! When Mr Evans was cooking his Chicken Tikki Masala. he was grilling the meat on his BBQ grill outside (yes, in January!) – and aren’t we lucky? – of course it rained and we had to shelter the grill underneath umbrellas!Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign - close up 2My “Lucky Charm” paper is still not completely used up yet. I also got three more layouts I have done recently with another Dear Lizzy collection called “Neapolitan”. Stay tuned this week, I will share them with you soon!


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