Christchurch Priory| Scrapbooking Layout | Dear Lizzy “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts

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It is Friday at last! These weeks go by really quickly now that the weather is getting better and I am busy with all those things I love so much! But more on this in May!

So, last Wednesday I showed you a layout I made with the papers from Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic”, and I still haven’t used up all the bits and pieces and scraps I had left with this collection. So watch out there are more to come!

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I never really was sure on what kind of page I was going to use the patterned paper with the houses on, but when I chose to scrap Christchurch Priory these papers seemed just the perfect match, don’t you think? As I haven’t got a house on my own, nor do I live in one, it had to be somewhat other than my place. I also finally had a good use for the keys from the sticker book.

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A thing I mentioned in the journaling and which always has disappointed me, is the fact when you have to pay to visit a church. I understand that some churches need the money to keep them going, to do restoration work or to employ people to look after their premises. I am fine with voluntary donations and if I am capable of doing it, I will do it. Christchurch Priory asks for a donation to visit the church, and they ask you to buy a “photography permit” if you want to take pictures inside the church, even if it is for private and not for any commercial use. Things like this are really dispiriting. I think. But that’s me and other of course are allowed to see it differently.

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I hope you are all going to have a lovely weekend! The weather is going to be on the downside, but hey! We had pretty nice days last weekend and it cannot be sunny all the time!


2 thoughts on “Christchurch Priory| Scrapbooking Layout | Dear Lizzy “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts

  1. Ich sehe es wie Du. Eine Spende ist gut und schön, aber Eintritt und Fotoerlaubnis für eine Kirche bezahlen? Unglaublich!
    Dein Layout dazu ist auf jeden Fall klasse!

    GLG Ines♥

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