Times are Changing | Nearly-Mid-Year Blogging Goals for Scrapbooking Insanity

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Happy 1st of May everyone! Today is the day I marked bright red in my calendar as the “Announcement” day.

Since I first started this blog back in May 2010, a lot of things happened and changed, twisted and unfolded, intensified and strengthened. So when the time arrived and I was in the finishing process of my qualification as a TA, I sat down and thought about what I want to do with my blog and where I want to go with it.

Initially I had many more visions for Scrapbooking Insanity, but I restricted it to just four; four are a good number to start with. Although I was already sharing more regularly during April, I had the feeling it would be more official and motivating if I blog about my goals rather than keep it to myself and write it in my notebook. So these are the things I came up with. Everyone ready? Shall we start? Let’s go!

Logo First

I want to blog on a regular basis
When I say I want to blog more often, I mean it will be more regularly (that’s a bonus for you!) and more planned ahead (this is my part to do of course!). I have read on other blogs that some people are preparing their blog posts a month ahead; I am not sure I can do that much of advanced writing. But a week in advance might be achievable for me. So in detail, I was thinking about doing three to four blog posts a week on a regular basis. Three posts during the week seem relatively doable for me.

Mondays will be the day I am mostly going to blog about my Weekend Blogposts - dapfniedesignAdventures: This either can be a scrapbooking layout or just a couple (or more) of photos about the things I was up to at weekends.

Wednesdays will be the day I am going to show you My Take On certain things. This category will include simple things like interpreting a sketch or taking on ideas from friends, but also more complex topics where I create more than one layout for the blog post.

And Fridays will be the day I am going to Challenge YOU! It is a fact that I have a lot of stash and sometimes I forget to use certain things. So in order to use it, or to use material in a different way, I will challenge you to do so too! Unfortunately there won’t be any prizes involved, but I would be really happy if you link up your project in a comment and then I’ll definitely have a look how you interpreted it.

I also thought about a series in which I blog about pages I keep quite simple: something I created really quickly, no fuss, less material – pages kept simple! I introduced you to one already HERE, remember?

And then there will be the odd blog post and bigger blogging events on random days. This month for example we have National Scrapbooking Day coming up tomorrow (with an Online-Crop on Facebook), and in two weeks time there will be a blog hop I’m taking part in.

Logo SecondI want to blog about what I love creatingScrapbooking Process - dapfniedesign
I really love the “classic” scrapbooking process; at least at the moment: Pulling out my pretty paper, well designed stickers, all sorts of embellishments; using my dies, my punches, or even my scissors. Looking through my photos and deciding which one to scrap on this very page. I love it. And this process I want to share with you. I know there are many scrappers out there, who do the same as I do: They share what they love doing the most. So with me here on my blog, and my creativity, the scrapper-world is gaining another crazy, paper-loving individual!

Logo ThirdI want to blog more tutorials & videosYouTube - dapfniedesign
I love new ideas, love being inspired by my scrapping friends and I especially love scrapbooking videos! Sometimes I start a scrappy day with a couple of videos to get me into the right mood – and maybe I can give back a bit of video-love to you out there?Recording and editing videos does take time, but I think when I have some more practice, it will get quicker in the future. In the meantime I have planned some tutorials for you!

Logo FourthI want to blog about what I loveBmth Poole 11042015 36
I also want to blog more about things I love, which means other things than scrapbooking: It might be that I tell you more about the area I live in, special places around me, where I shop, which things I buy, which running route I take, the radio stations I’m listening to, my favourite programmes and so on. There is no end of course when you can talk about everything under the sun!

These are my four goals I am setting for my blog, and I promise I am working hard to keep them. It is not something anyone has asked me to do; it is ME who set these goals; no goal is forced upon me. And with this in mind I think I can do it.

If there is a need to change any of these goals, I will do it of course. Sometimes life takes quirky routes you don’t expect they exist. I will take it as it comes. You only can grow stronger and if all else fails, I’ll just add another embellishment!


20 thoughts on “Times are Changing | Nearly-Mid-Year Blogging Goals for Scrapbooking Insanity

  1. Das ist ja klasse! Freu mich schon auf deine regelmäßigen Inspirationen! 🙂
    LG & ein schönes Wochenende

  2. I think your goals are great! I especially like your “quick and simple” page shares! I think they’re my favorite! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. Das klingt nach einer Menge schöner Blog Posts, die uns bei Dir erwarten werden. Ich freue mich auf jeden Einzelnen davon!

    GLG Ines♥

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