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This weeks episode of Weekend Adventure could be more a Half Term Adventure! Although I am just showing you one picture, last week was full of adventures. But I don’t want to give away too much of it yet – just watch this space the next weeks!

Bmth Beach 29052015 09

This is Bournemouth Pier last Friday in its full glory. I love this view; I love those colours you get when you take pictures later in the afternoon or evening. And I just love the sea down here. Mr Evans and I spent a lot of time at the coast this half term. As I said already – there is more to come! But for now, this is my layout for the first day of June (officially the start of summer) – and it was a very mild day as far as I can remember back then:

Poole Harbour - dapfniedesign - title

On a weekend in April we drove down to Poole Harbour, where we walked along the promenade. We watched the small and big ships coming in, saw the fishermen unload their catch and (as so often) observed the sea birds waiting for left-overs.

For this layout I used a paper collection by My Mind’s Eye Cut & Paste “Presh”. I like the fresh and bright colours, the bold patterns and the embellishments which come with the collection. This page was quickly done as I just used enamel shapes, some chipboard and layered stickers.Poole Harbour - dapfniedesign

Poole Harbour - dapfniedesign - close up 1

Poole Harbour - dapfniedesign - close up 2

I hope your weekend (or even week) has been fantastic! I definitely enjoyed my week off, but I am also glad to be back to work!

Hope to see you all on Wednesday for another My Take On…


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