The Poole Yacht Club | Colour Me Crazy #1| A new Challenge for Scrappy Girls

Downloads4A very warm welcome to a whole new series of challenges! Marjan and I, we are both lovers of bright colours, so we are going to challenge not only each other but everyone else who wants to join in with the fun. With “Colour Me Crazy” we intend to inspire you to use colour combinations you wouldn’t probably choose for your project. Every month we swap the responsibility with picking some quirky photos from Pinterest and putting together a mood board, representing the colours we want the other person to work with.
For the first instalment, Marjan sent me a collage of yellow and mint. Yellow and MINT! MINT??! Really?
Having her collage in mind (see above), let’s see, what happened, shall we?
Poole Yacht Club - 02

I actually did a really big stash dive into my patterned papers, washi tapes, alpha stickers, thickers, wood veneers… The colour yellow didn’t seem that much of a problem, but the MINT bit really took some time. Some of the papers were more of a turquoise than mint, but when you compare the original collage and my layout, I pretty nailed it!

For the photo I chose a really dark picture (one of those underexposed ones) of an evening out in the Yacht Club in Poole with some good friends. With this warm, dark tone in mind, the rest fell together easily.
Poole Yacht Club - 01

I not only tried to pick up the colours from the inspiration (which of course is the mandatory part of out challenge), but also some of the elements displayed in the collage.

Most prominent on the page are the three paper straws. I also got the water-theme covered, the golden-glittery element, the chrome bits (with brads and the flair badge). I chose a lot of round elements here (hence the lemons and the wheels of the Vespa) – and to cover the paper element from the typewriter I found some really old Imagination Project Coasters elements! They are from 2007 – I remember only vaguely to buy them and never ever to use one of them (Scrappy Gisela, can you remember?). Well, finally, I did use two elements! Can you spot them?
Poole Yacht Club - 03

Poole Yacht Club - 04We hope you like our first episode of “Colour Me Crazy”. Please don’t forget to stop by on Marjan’s Blog and her layout. I hadn’t seen it before it went online, but as always it is stunning. So now it is your turn to pick some Yellow and Mint and start creating! We would love to see your project and you can link it up in a comment, either on here or on Marjan’s blog.

Thank you so much for taking part – wishing you a very scrappy Sunday!


5 thoughts on “The Poole Yacht Club | Colour Me Crazy #1| A new Challenge for Scrappy Girls

  1. Daphne, love all of the thoughts you had to interpret this challenge and how you incorporated your ideas to work with the challenge in so much detail. Especially love the effect of the straws with the masts. Very nicely done as usual.

  2. Unglaublich was Du aus dem Moodboard gezaubert hast! Das Gelb und Mint steht Dir gut!
    Und ich mag ja sowieso Alles was maritim ist :-).

    GLG Ines♥

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