On a Boat Trip | Weekend Adventure | Shimelle’s “True Stories” by American Crafts

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Happy Monday my lovelies! I hope your weekend was filled with happy moments, happy people and happy weather!  Over here, on the Dorset coast, it was one of these days, when you don’t wanna go back inside your flat.

Studland Beach 27062015 19

Shell Bay | Studland Beach | Dorset

I love the sea. I love the beach. And I love strolling along the shoreline, preferably barefoot and with shorts! And as the weather was just right, Mr Evans and I were doing exactly this. Bliss.

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Boat Trip - dapfniedesign - titleNow, today’s layout features the sea as well. Back in April, on Easter Sunday, we spent the day at seaside, but it was way to cold to get our feet wet! So we took a boat trip to get to Hurst Castle – what a great idea that was! It was a small boat we went in on our trip to Hurst Spit with about ten other adventurers. When we came back in the afternoon, we took a bigger boat (which wasn’t a great choice in hindsight). We were crammed inside with the other visitors, not able to see much from what we were shipping along on the outside. We only witnessed some funny scenes on the boat involving some posh families with posh children ;).
Boat Trip - dapfniedesign

The layout is based on the newest scrapbooking online class by Shimelle Laine “Ready Set Scrapbook”. It is a small class with three videos and a matching PDF, and all layouts are based on a real life workshop Shimelle held in Portugal earlier this year.Boat Trip - dapfniedesign - close up

Of course I used Shimelle’s “True Stories” Paper Collection by American Crafts for this layout – it seems just natural to use these fun patterns and colours!

Wishing you all a fabulous week with lots of sunshine and happy people!


3 thoughts on “On a Boat Trip | Weekend Adventure | Shimelle’s “True Stories” by American Crafts

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely LO from Shimelle’s class. I always look forward to seeing your LO’s on your blog and on the forum. Anne x

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