Bluebells & Wild Garlic | I Challenge YOU … with a twin layout


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Happy sunny Friday everyone! The “worst” of the British “heat wave” is hopefully over – it is just too hot for me, especially at the place I am working in. So just one more day today and then it is the weekend! It is looking good so far!

Today’s challenge for you is to create not only one layout but two! But they shouldn’t be a 2-sided (or double) layout (you know, these which fit together perfectly). But still they should have similar features and fit together. I don’t know if there is a name for these kind of layouts, so I made up one: I would call them Twin Layouts (like real twins could be equal – but not really!).Bluebells and Wild Garlic - dapfniedesign - twin layout

For the layouts I chose the purple border to be the same, everything else is just similar. The strips of paper in the in the Bluebells layout are vertical, the Wild Garlic ones are horizontal. I chose a squirrel wood veneer in one, but punched some paper squirrels in the other. I also added wood grain circles, but again of different patterned paper. You get the idea?!
Bluebells - dapfniedesign - title

The alpha chipboard are different as well, but I kept them in an earthy colour.
Wild Garlic - dapfniedesign - title

As you can see in the picture on the top, these twin pages fit well together next to each other in your scrapbooking album, but also on its own if I wanted to.

I am getting some lovely feedback from fellow crafters on my other Friday challenges and that makes me smile a lot! Thank you for joining in with the fun! So this week, I am really intrigued for your version of Twin Layouts – please share your link to your project in a comment and I’ll hop over to see what you have created!

Have a lovely weekend Ladies, see you on Monday!


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