How Many Times all Together? | I Challenge YOU with Stickers | Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts


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‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ said the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland once to himself. And I am late myself indeed this week. I am SO late, that I decided to skip last Wednesdays blogpost about using 6×6 paper pads and re-schedule it for the last week in July instead. Will you forgive me?!
It has been MANIC this week – I had a couple of interviews but was finally (and just in time before everyone breaks up for summer) lucky to find a lovely school who wanted me! I am over the moon! Hooray!

Right, that’s for the good news, let’s go back to pretty paper, shall we? Perfect. This weeks challenge for you is to use some of your stickers you are hording in your stash and you haven’t got use for.
How many times all Together - dapfniedesign - titleFor this layout I used more papers from Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” paper collection by American Crafts. While scrapping this page (and others), the collection was shrinking visibly, but I was still left with some stickers I just hadn’t had use for, e.g. the word TOGETHER and the big tree sticker. So for the title I tried to use the word TOGETHER (obviously), but tried to implement it in a questions and changed the use of it (the first thing which came to my mind when I saw the word TOGETHER was to scrap something about a friend and me and that we were “together” in that photo or place). But in this title, it has a different meaning and is looking at the total amount of the times I’ve been to Kingston Lacy (which apparently I cannot answer, because I haven’t counted!).

For the tree – it has a label on its stem saying “Remember this, the story of us”. Well, this was no use for me on this layout, so I just layered it with a banner to cover up the words.
How many times all Together - dapfniedesign

I also used some of the sheets of paper with numbers on it, because it is all about numbers and counting here. Sometimes it is just coming together easily, don’t you think? How many times all Together - dapfniedesign - close up 1
So, when you got some time this weekend, get your stickers out and try to look at them in a different way to use them on your layouts. They won’t be sticky for ever so use them while they still work! I am looking forward to your pages ladies!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


9 thoughts on “How Many Times all Together? | I Challenge YOU with Stickers | Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts

  1. Das sind ja tolle Nachrichten! Herzlichen Glückwunsch & viel Spaß an der Schule!
    LG & ein schönes Wochenende

  2. Ja klasse! Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viele nette Kollegen wünsche ich Dir!
    Ich liebe es, wenn Du Deine Lieblingsorte verscrappst, auch wenn es für mich hier nicht typisch nach Daphne aussieht.

    GLG Ines♥

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