Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 1st to 3rd December 2015

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Welcome back! December has arrived and I managed to squeeze in some time to create some entries for my Christmas Journal. Are you as excited as I am? Let’s start:

1st December 2015 – Christmas Manifesto & Today is the Day!

First things first: My Christmas Manifesto. This year it took me quite a while to get into the right mood and mindset to create my very own intentions for this Christmas time. Believe me, there were a few hot chocolates and at least one big mug of mulled wine involved!1st Dec - JYC 2015 - Christmas Manifesto - dapfniedesign

Much quicker was the actual entry for the first day. My two 4×6 cards are similar to Shimelle’s entries and there is no other journaling or thoughts involved (other than the big manifesto!). When starting to scrap in a different size than 12×12″, I always struggle in the beginning. But after a few entries it is much easier and I’m getting more and more confident with this format (until I have to go back to 12×12″!).1st Dec - JYC 2015 - Today is the day! - dapfniedesign

2nd December 2015 – Countdown Memories (Shopping in Germany)

As this Christmas Journal is my 8th one, I have covered different stories about the countdown to Christmas time. So when Shimelle described her childhood memories in shopping malls, I thought of how it was in Germany when I grew up. I focused on the different opening hours the shops had until the mid 90s, and how it changed and how excited I got about the fact, that there was now more time to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon (they extended it from 2pm to 4pm and then 8pm)! Unbelievable nowadays, when you think of the long opening hours the shops in the UK offering us in this decade, so we can spend our hard earned money up to 24/7!

2nd Dec - JYC 2015 - Remember Shopping in Germany - dapfniedesign

3rd December 2015 – The Perfect Gift (Universal Presents)

My memories from my childhood are quite sparse, so I focused on a conversation we had with our children in Year 2 this week: With excited voices they told us what they had written on their wish lists! Later, a girl asked me, what I had on my wish list. But I just asked her back, what she thought was on there. She went quiet for a second. Knowingly and with a big smile on her face she said: “Chocolate! And toys!” And she was absolutely right! I was so glad to discover that some things never change!

3rd Dec - JYC 2015 - Universal Presents - dapfniedesign

And that is it for the first set of entries. I know, it is still early December, but I am confident that I will hold up with my Journal again. It worked for me so many times with all the preparations I made to create a memorable album.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next bunch of pages and I would be delighted, if you stop by again!


3 thoughts on “Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 1st to 3rd December 2015

  1. This looks fabulous & you’ve started off sooo well. I’m doing my first ever December Daily…& already I think I should have made it bigger. Always too much to say, is my problem. I like the ‘red’ colours you’ve used in this so far:):)

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