Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 4th to 6th December 2015

JYC 2015 - dapfniedesign - banner

Happy 2nd Advent everybody! Hope your weekend was fantastic and full of joyful memories. Let’s get right into my entries:

4th December 2015 – Planning Happiness (Just Chill)

There are not too many plans for this year, I just need some time for myself and relax more as the first week seemed really hectic already.

4th Dec - JYC 2015 - Just Chill - dapfniedesign

4th Dec - JYC 2015 - Planner - dapfniedesign

5th December 2015 – Written Communication (Christmas Cards)

Like last year, my Christmas Cards are store bought. I just don’t have the time any more to do my own as much as I would love to. But I got a really good set from M&S (and even found some pretty wrapping paper).

5th Dec - JYC 2015 - Christmas Cards - dapfniedesign

Mr Evans and I went to Salisbury to see the Christmas Market (which was pretty awesome and authentic I think!), and afterwards we went to a joint birthday party of a little boy and his granny. We had a great time!

6th December 2015 – Christmas Cosy (Sweet and Cosy at Home)

I love my new flat and spending an evening on my sofa with a good book and a steaming cuppa is as cosy as it can get for me!

6th Dec - JYC 2015 - Sweet & Cosy at Home - dapfniedesign

Wishing you a good start into the second December week and hope to see you soon!


8 thoughts on “Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 4th to 6th December 2015

  1. Thanks for sharing more of your lovely JYC pages. Your idea of using the recipe file is just brilliant and I was very tempted to copy it, but on my monthly visit to Waitrose I got so carried away in the Christmas treat isles that I forgot! It will be nice to display as a kind of advent calendar each year. For now I am reading the prompts, just making notes and enjoying the eye candy 🙂

    • Thanks Anne, I am glad you enjoy my entries! I know how it is to get carried away when shopping at Waitrose! It is such a lovely place especially before Christmas!

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