Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 7th to 13th December 2015

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It is the third Advent already – I had to look at my calendar for this. How’s your December going so far? I am up to date with my journal, so here we go with the third week:

7th December 2015 – Festive Perception (Sensory Overload)

For this entry I wrote all the things down, I could sense on this very day.

7th Dec - JYC 2015 - Festive Perception - dapfniedesign

8th December 2015 – Bring on the Trees (Oh Christmas Tree)

It was a real coincidence that I decorated my tree on the same day as Mr Evans put it up! We decorated his together and had a lovely stew together.8th Dec - JYC 2015 - Bring on the Trees - dapfniedesign 8th Dec - JYC 2015 - Christmas Tree - dapfniedesign

9th December 2015 – Special Delivery (Special Treats)

Every year I take home some Christmas Crackers (you know, the one which you pull apart). They don’t exist in German traditions so it is nice to bring something new to my family.

9th Dec - JYC 2015 - Special Delivery - dapfniedesign


10th December 2015 – Listomania (Making a List)

I have a wish list on Amazon – this is so helpful when someone asks me what I would like for Christmas. Either I can refer directly to the list or pick an item I really want as a wish.

I also put down a Christmas Card I received from a child from school. I was so excited because it was especially for the Teaching Assistant!
10th Dec - JYC 2015 - Lostomania - dapfniedesign

11th December 2015 – Wrapping Paper (Wrap it Up)

As Shimelle said: This is a very quick entry because you really just pick your paper you are going to use for this year’s presents and stick it down!11th Dec - JYC 2015 - Wrapping Paper - dapfniedesign

12th December 2015 – Costa Coffee Cups Love (Merry Mentors)

Today I parted with the prompt Shimelle suggested – I always find it tricky to think about a Merry Mentor! Instead I posted photos of the Costa Coffee paper cups from this year’s collection! This year it is a Penguin, a Robin and a Santa.12th Dec - JYC 2015 - Costa Coffee Cups Love - dapfniedesign

13th December 2015 – Imagine Snow in December (White Christmas)

Living in the South of England, the possibility of having snow for Christmas (or even just in December) is really low! I took a photo from our morning dog walk around Throop Mill. It was miserable, just about 11C. Later, I found today’s map of the temperature differences between North and South: a range of 17C! Wow, that’s like two different seasons!

Because I am flying home to Germany for Christmas, I might be lucky and get some snow on the continent (like last year!).

13th Dec - JYC 2015 - Imagine Snow in December - dapfniedesign

And that’s it for this week’s entries! Half of December is nearly over, just 11 days until Christmas Day! It will be mainly Christmas activities this week at school, I am so looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!



2 thoughts on “Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 7th to 13th December 2015

  1. Hallo Daphne,

    all Deine Einträge sind wunderschön gestaltet. Ich liebe es Deine schöne Handschrift zu sehen.
    Das mit dem Schnee wird wohl in Deutschland auch Nichts. Heute hatten wir 10°C und Sonnenschein. Sei nicht traurig.

    GLG Ines♥

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