Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 22nd to 31st December 2015 & 1st January 2016

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Welcome to my second post in one weekend! Here I am sharing the rest of my pages from my Journal Your Christmas adventure 2015. Enjoy!

22nd December 2015 – Secret Santa (Warming the Heart) & 23rd December 2015 – Early Bescherung (By the Chimney)

For these two entries I documented events which were happening before Christmas: Secret Santa at school on our last day and an early presents opening on the 23rd of December with Mr Evans.

22nd & 23rd Dec - JYC 2015 - Secret Santa & Early Bescherung - dapfniedesign

24th December 2015 – On the Move (Christmas Eve)

On Christmas Eve I was on my way to Germany – more or less the whole day. I just noted down my journey from this day from getting up at 3.30am and going to bed at 11pm.

24th Dec - JYC 2015 - On the Move - dapfniedesign

25th December 2015 – Christmas Day

Christmas Day with opening presents, dinner at the restaurant, coffee and cake in the afternoon, playing games with my brother’s family!25th Dec - JYC 2015 - Christmas Day - dapfniedesign - full

26th December 2015 – Home for the Holidays (Boxing Day) & 27th December 2015 – Best Friends (Saying Thanks)

On Boxing Day we really had to stay home – there was no where we really could have gone! The shops were still closed (and would be until Monday) and the weather was bleak. But we ended up playing more games in the evenings. On Sunday evening I went for a Girls’ Night in with Katja and Laura!
26th & 27th Dec - JYC 2015 - Home for the Holidays & Girls' Night In - dapfniedesign

28th December 2015 – The Joy of Shopping (Just for now)

28th Dec - JYC 2015 - The Joy of Shopping - dapfniedesign28th Dec - JYC 2015 - The Joy of Shopping - labels - dapfniedesignThe first day after the holidays (we had to wait until Monday) is always the day I go shopping with my Mum. We found some nice clothes and I added some labels in my journal. In the evening I joined my brother’s house for a yummy Raclette evening with friends.


28th Dec - JYC 2015 - Time for Raclette - dapfniedesign


29th December 2015 – Flying Home (Catch Up Day)

My visit at my parents in Germany was really short this time, because on Tuesday I was already on my way back to England. The flight was smooth and without any delay. It even included an aerial sightseeing tour of London!

2015-12-29 13.18.392015-12-29 13.19.14

2015-12-29 13.20.23 29th Dec - JYC 2015 - Flying Home - dapfniedesign

30th December 2015 – Our 2015 (Year in Review)

30th Dec - JYC 2015 - Our 2015 - dapfniedesign - close up For this year’s review I picked one photo for every month. It was a good year I think!

30th Dec - JYC 2015 - Our 2015 - dapfniedesign - full

31st December 2015 – We End our Year (New Year’s Eve)

A walk along the beach was a really good option for our New Year’s Eve day activity. Mr Evans had a gig so we wouldn’t spend the night together.

31st Dec - JYC 2015 - We End Our Year - dapfniedesign - full

1st January 2016 – 2016 (A New Year)

I welcomed the New Year with a walk along Boscombe Beach in the Morning. The weather wasn’t great and there were even some party-people left on the beach. I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee in our favourite beach cafe (Urban Reef) before I felt really cold to the bone and went back home. In this page there is still some space left for the journaling.

1st Jan - JYC 2015 - Welcome 2016 - dapfniedesign

Like so many years, my Christmas Journal ends with New Year’s Day. Especially this year it was even more busy than the other years and I had less time.

Also, here are a few notes on how I would like to do my journal in 2016:

  • make a journal without page protectors, so I could add embellishments more easily while flicking through without the hassle of pulling out the pages from their sleeves;
  • gather (=buy/hord in the sales) Christmas themed stickers to add to your journal;
  • use a more scrapbooking friendly size (6×8 or 8×8)
  • keep printing the photos for the Journal immediately

Thank you so much for stopping by and to take a glimpse at my Journal. I am back to my “ordinary” Scrapbooking layouts now. Last week I sorted ALL of my 2015 photos into sleeves in four albums (I probably need some more as soon as I add the pretty paper) and I am ready to get started to make a lot of pretty layouts! All to be found in this space the next weeks and months! Hope to see you soon!




2 thoughts on “Journal Your Christmas 2015 – 22nd to 31st December 2015 & 1st January 2016

  1. Was für schöne Seiten Deiner Weihnachtszeit. Ich finde Du hast es wieder toll gestaltet, aber ich kann verstehen, wenn Du lieber auf die Hüllen verzichten willst und ein anderes Format wählst.

    GLG Ines♥

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