PAPIERPROJEKT Creative Team 2016

Happy Thursday my crafty friends! Today I am sharing some exciting news with you:
I joined the new PAPIERPROJEKT creative team!


Soon I will be starting to use Felicitas’ marvellous clear stamps on my Scrapbooking layouts and other projects! Her Moment-Stempel offer a great variety for every kind of paper crafter: Scrapbooker, Project Lifer, planner coordinator, card creator, mini book designer and even for home decoration lover. Her designs are fun to use, very versatile and I even love the kraft envelope the stamps live in! But more from these stamps later when the new set has arrived; I have to be patient because mail from Germany to the UK can sometimes be really slow!

Meanwhile, why don’t you hop over to Felicitas’ PAPIERPROJEKT website and have a look? She has wonderful ideas to use her stamps on all kinds of different projects! You can also find her on Instagram HERE.
Felicitas’ writes in German, but there is always a set of great photos of her projects.

I literally cannot wait to get started with her clear stamps (hurry up Deutsche Post and Royal Mail)!
Thank you for stopping by today for my not-so-crafty post. Hope to see you again soon, then with some new projects!


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