On the Beach again – Scrapbooking Layout with a lot of Paper Scraps

On the Beach again - dapfniedesign - title

On the Beach again - dapfniedesign - close up 4I LOVE Saturdays – don’t you? Especially Saturday mornings: You get out of bed in your own time, maybe even have a cuppa or two before getting up for real, then you contemplate your plans (or no plans) for the day and Monday seems centuries away! Sunday mornings are OK too, but then you already can feel the end of the weekend coming on really quickly and soon it is back to school again. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my job at school: great children and great colleagues. Easy. But I love weekends too! I think it is really important in life to do a job you really enjoy – why would I go to work and be miserable all day? Anyway – this is my opinion, let’s move on to this week’s layout! Hooray!


This project is part of a double spread, although I would not call it a double layout. I created this page with a trustworthy basis of three photos stacked together in a column. I raided my scrap basket (yeah!) for blue and turquoise strips to pile up left of the photos. I also found three special patterned circles I once punched out for a layout but never made it. Finally it was their time to use them as corners of my visual triangle.

On the Beach again - dapfniedesign - Scrapbooking layout

When I created this layout the two newest items I bought were the Selfie- and Camera-Washi Tape, so I really had to include them on here (luckily I was scrapping a selfie after all!).On the Beach again - dapfniedesign - close up 1

Can you spot the stamped elements on this page? I used a label stamp from the Moment-Stempel set “Label Liebe” by Papierprojekt – just one of them but in a repeated way so it points towards the main paper cluster on the page. I also used it in the circle-corners I created on the top and the bottom right.On the Beach again - dapfniedesign - close up 3

I chose red as the colour for the title because of my red bobble hat I was wearing. But looking at it with just these two red spots on the page – it didn’t seem balanced! So I decided to add little asterisks to counterbalance the red on the overall page design.

On the Beach again - dapfniedesign - close up 2

And I think it worked!

Remember when I told you in the beginning, that this page was part of a double spread? I won’t show you the other part this week, but next weekend! But I’m kind and already can give you a small sneak! Have a great weekend and I hope the weather stays fine wherever you are!

Brave the Wave - dapfniedesign - title


Dewdrops Beauty – Scrapbooking Layout with an unusual Colour Scheme

Dewdrops Beauty - dapfniedesign - scrapbooking layout - title

Happy Saturday again! How was your week? Has it gone quick where you are? Mine dragged on a bit, but by Thursday evening the weekend feeling came up already.

For this week’s layout I used two close up photos I shot back in January while on a walk through Studland Heath. The colours of the moss was a bright spring green already and I really wanted to use this shade of green on my layout. An older Cosmo Cricket paper fell into my hands, and I also gathered all the other paper scraps from my left over basket – truly a stash reducing layout!

Dewdrops Beauty - dapfniedesign - scrapbooking layout

The colour combination seems quite retro: orange, green and brown – but it certainly fits the photos! I also believe that using the orange very sparingly, it stands out more! The sequins splattered around, the orange border and other smaller orange items are a real eye catcher.Dewdrops Beauty - dapfniedesign - scrapbooking layout - close up 1

Dewdrops Beauty - dapfniedesign - scrapbooking layout - close up 2

Although January wasn’t a month for butterflies, I added this one to underline the delicacy of the spring-fresh moss with its tiny dewdrops on top.

And that’s it for this weekend – hope you all enjoy some great days off! Here in the South of England it is only a bit than four more weeks until the big Summer holidays!

Happy Scrappy Friends – June 2016 – 3 Ladies & a Bunch of Numbers and Flowers

signatur HSF 3 Ladies - dapfniedesign - HappyScrappyFriends June 2016 - title

Is it June already? Last month I was too busy to join in with the lovely Ladies from Happy Scrappy Friends team, but this month I am back on track for a new challenge! Today we would like you to use your die-cuts on your project. Let’s be honest here, everyone (well, every crafter/scrapbooker) has TONS of them! Now, bring them on!

You should have come from Dana, otherwise you can start here. Your next stop is with Dori. If you would like to take part and share your creation, please post a comment at Happy Scrappy Friends with a link to your project.

My layout tells the story about three Ladies – Lorraine, Cathy and I. We wrote our Maths GCSE together and met up to do some revision beforehand. I certainly had a lot of fun teaching again – I missed it since I last did it in Germany six years ago! Lorraine and Cathy gave me a bunch of roses and a gift card for NEXT to say thank you. They are so sweet!

3 Ladies - dapfniedesign - HappyScrappyFriends June 2016 - layout

In my layout I’ve gone wild with the numbers theme and a good variety of die-cuts: There is a chipboard frame and some chipboard letters, some acrylic numbers, number stickers and punched and die-cut circles and hearts. The three bigger hearts are a find from IKEA and their paper section:)

3 Ladies - dapfniedesign - HappyScrappyFriends June 2016 - close up 1

There are also the smaller die-cut numbers in soft pink and teal blue – I used some of my metal die-cut alphabets (by Quickutz, then Lifestyle Crafts – and then gone?) I nearly forgot I had lurking underneath my BigShot.

I also added some small, red numbers and added the date with this alphabet too. Some wood veneer found their way on there as well. As most of the time I finished it off with some sprinkles and small epoxy hearts.

3 Ladies - dapfniedesign - HappyScrappyFriends June 2016 - close up 2

I hope you like what you see and I gave you some inspiration to use a lot of die-cuts in your project. Thank you so much for stopping by! Your next stop is with Dori. And just in case you got a bit lost, here is the whole list of this month’s blog hop:

Daphne (<— You are here!)

Love & Live – Scrapbooking Layout with a bunch of Labels

Love & Live - dapfniedesign - Moment-Stempel by Papierprojekt - title

Happy Saturday again! Where has the week gone again?! So much happened in just seven days: Half term was over and we were back to school; I did a lot of Maths revision for my calculator paper on Thursday and on Friday we had a massive street party at school with all the 270 children to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Phew. Back to some pretty paper:

So this weekend’s layout is entirely made out of my scraps basket and features mainly spring greens, blues and turquoise colours and patterns. The title emerged from using the two phrases underneath: LOVE the life you live. LIVE the life you love.

Love & Live - dapfniedesign - Moment-Stempel by Papierprojekt

But the best thing here: Every picture (Old Harry Rocks in the Purbecks) has three labels attached. They are all stamped with the Moment-Stempel set “Label Liebe” in combination with the set “Mini Sprueche”, which fit together perfectly! The set “Mini Sprueche” is a German set and contains sentiments like “Happy Dance”, “Oh my heart”, “What a day”, “Little Moments” or “Adventurous”. Being bilingual sometimes has its advantages in combining both languages on one page!

Love & Live - dapfniedesign - Moment-Stempel by Papierprojekt - close up 1

Can you spot that little heart with the exclamation mark? It comes from the set “Planner Love” or “Planer Liebe” (available in English and German!). I thought it was quite cute so I used it as an element in my stamped embellishment cluster!

Love & Live - dapfniedesign - Moment-Stempel by Papierprojekt - close up 3

Love & Live - dapfniedesign - Moment-Stempel by Papierprojekt - close up 2

Looking at this layout, I really felt “gluecklich & zufrieden” (both words translate as “happy”) and I love how it turned out in the end (and I am really pleased that I was using up my pretty paper scraps!). Have you been hording those scraps lately?! Bring them back out, they are still gorgeous!

Wishing you a happy Saturday and as it is Happy Scrappy Friends weekend – I’ll be back tomorrow morning for a new scrapbooking layout with a blog hop with my scrappy friends!

All stamps used in this layout are from Papierprojekt. I received them for free to use them on my scrapbooking layouts and other projects. Find them in the shop here, just a click away:





Feeding the Swans – Scrapbooking the daily Adventures

Feeding the Swans - dapfniedesign - title

Happy Saturday again! It has been a week since the last post, but I was busy with scrapping some adventures (old and new). Having a (more or less) full time job leaves me just enough time to be creative, but sometimes less time to show it to you on my blog! I try to be more consistent again and write regular blogposts – a girl can try!

So, this weekend’s layout is all about the fact that I LOVE feeding the ducks and the swans down at Throop Mill. Yeah, I know. Bread is like junk food for our quacky, feathered friends. I tried giving them lettuce once, but they didn’t like it. So I was back to giving them the white, nasty bread. Oh well.Feeding the Swans - dapfniedesign

A while ago I bought a paper pad at TKmaxx from American Crafts “My Girl” and I haven’t used it – until now! The collection is quite girly, so I made sure I was in the pictures this time!

I also used some label stamps from a Papierprojekt Moment-Stempel Set “Label Liebe” for the embellishment clusters, added some wooden feathers, stars, enamel dots, sprinkles and stickers.

Feeding the Swans - dapfniedesign - close up 1

I also found a lonely, pink paper rosette and a pink heart-shaped paper clip to add to my layout.

Inspired by Shimelle, I tried to use a non-white-cardstock background. So this time it is a blue, flowery-burst pattern and I really like it! Quite nice for a change, don’t you think?

Feeding the Swans - dapfniedesign - close up 2

I do have some more layouts ready for you, so watch this space next weekend!

Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you all a lovely weekend!