KC at Lulworth Cove | Scrapbooking Layout with The Pier by Crate Paper

KC at Lulworth Cove - dapfniedesign - title

Happy Monday everyone! How has your Easter Holiday been? Mine was filled with Holiday Club and with some great days out – perfect mixture! Today for the most of us it is back to work (yes, for me too!) and to be honest, I’m OK with it! A lot of pressure fell off me last week, when I received my certificate for my TA course; this now means I am officially qualified as a TA level 3! Hooray for me!

This also means (and that’s when the important part for you, my blog readers, comes in) that I have more time spending with pretty paper and more time to tell my story. So, when I woke up this morning, I thought it was about time to post a layout I made roughly about three weeks ago.

I flicked through my photos and decided to use those two of Katja I took at Lulworth Cove in the afternoon sun. As I had not bought any new papers for a while I had to rely on the “old” collections I still had. The Pier by Crate Paper seemed to fit right in with the warm colours and the touch of gold.

KC at Lulworth Cove - dapfniedesign

I kept it quite simple with the bigger piece of patterned paper in the back and stayed within this colour scheme of blues, greens, cream and a bit of craft behind the photos. I used some of the journaling cards which came with this collection; the swirl was one of them, but I die-cut it as a circle to fit the circular cove we were visiting that day. The Pier also offered some great phrases to cut out and I made use of this on my page. Golden and blue spatters of ink finished off my design.

KC at Lulworth Cove - dapfniedesign - close up 1 KC at Lulworth Cove - dapfniedesign - close up 2

As you might have already guessed, I like the colour blue (and its variations) and the combination with neutrals is working really well on here, right? Do you have a favourite colour? Are you using it on your projects more than others? Leave me a comment and tell me about it – I’m intrigued!

That is it for today – but there is more to come and I have BIG plans for this blog, so stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you soon in my little spot of the blogger’s world!

Hello 2015 | a Scrapbooking Layout with Lucky Charm

Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign - titleHappy Tuesday everyone! How has your week been so far? Yes, I know; it’s just Tuesday and the biggest chunk of the week is still to come. For most of us here in the UK it is the last week of term and we are breaking up for Easter holiday on Friday. Hooray for that!

Everything appears to be pretty early this year; especially when I chose to use those two photos on my layout – they were taken in January and it seemed just like yesterday to me! Mr Evans hosted a big feast for family and friends on the first weekend in the new year and we all had a great time.
Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign

For my layout I used more of the scraps I had left from Dear Lizzy’s “Lucky Charm” by American Crafts; it was and it still is a great collection and I am quite happy to use it up until the very last scrap!Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign - close up 1

By the way – the tiny umbrellas on this page do have a reason! When Mr Evans was cooking his Chicken Tikki Masala. he was grilling the meat on his BBQ grill outside (yes, in January!) – and aren’t we lucky? – of course it rained and we had to shelter the grill underneath umbrellas!Hello 2015 - dapfniedesign - close up 2My “Lucky Charm” paper is still not completely used up yet. I also got three more layouts I have done recently with another Dear Lizzy collection called “Neapolitan”. Stay tuned this week, I will share them with you soon!

This is my Happy Place | A scrapbooking layout somehow surprising

This is my happy place - dapfniedesign - title

When I browsed through my pretty paper the other day, I actually said aloud: “Oh, look at that!” – as if someone was standing right next to me (silly, I know!). Anyway, I pulled out the whole pack with all the scraps, stickers, chipboards, die-cuts (some of my pretty papers are still sorted by collection until there is literally nothing left) and emptied it on my sofa. And there they were, all the pretty little things from an old collection (can you say something is “old” when it actually has been released just two years ago? Probably not; but then we are talking about scrapbooking paper!). The collection I am talking about is Dear Lizzy’s “Lucky Charm” by American Crafts. The colours are a variety of pinks, some aqua, yellow, orangey red and some cream; I especially love the darker navy blue. I think I was really lucky here:

I just found the perfect papers for some of my photos I took back in February at Kingston Lacy!

This is my happy place - dapfniedesign

I started off with the four photos. First I was a bit sceptical; was I really going to use FOUR photos? Not five? Or three? Normally I go with odd numbers, but this time there wasn’t another flower shot handy. Well, so it was four then. Embrace flexibility!
When I went through the sticker book from this paper collection and found the handwritten word “love”, which I bravely stuck down on the layout. Very brave indeed! Then there was the the dark blue sticker, which I wanted on the page desperately. The chipboard letters for the tile were next and with these the idea of a vertical line was born. But how to create it? Only after I cut out the little envelopes, I knew it was going to be watercoloured hearts on my imaginary border.
I love watercolours, but I am using them too little to be confident with them. Brave again! My hearts on this page are all hand-drawn and then painted with that orangey red colour from the paper collection. After the vertical line came the horizontal line with equally sized hearts.This is my happy place - dapfniedesign - close up 2

I added the word “Sunshine” on the bottom, the three envelopes (these are the only patterned papers I used!) with glitter-glued hearts; some golden paint drops to finish it all off.

“A scrapbooking layout somehow surprising” – that’s what I wrote in this post’s title, and it is definitely surprising for me: The whole process was unusual, but it worked. And I only used a tiny amount of pretty paper, very few stickers and some letters, but still this page feels absolutely complete. I guess sometimes you just have to be brave!This is my happy place - dapfniedesign - close up 1And as it is Friday already: Happy weekend everyone! Hope you all have time for new adventures!


It’s a Good Day! | A scrapbooking layout inspired by Shimelle

It's A Good Day - title - dapfniedesign

Happy special Sunday to you all out there! It is great to be back here, even if it is not really a regular thing; I am trying very hard!

About ten days ago I handed it my portfolio with my coursework I was working on the past 18 months – and as I haven’t heard back from my assessor, I assume it was all fine. It just needs to pass the IQA now and then this chapter of my life is ticked. Having no more coursework to work on means I have a bit more spare time for my scrapping, which always seems to brighten up my mood when I’m a bit down. I already knew that scrapbooking had this “side effect”, and at the moment I am using it intentionally for this reason.

Shimelle‘s “return” to the scrapping world this week came absolutely handy and I used her autumn scrapbook page as an inspiration for my two-photo-layout. I even used some patterned paper as the base which I haven’t done for… let me think…. ages!
It's A Good Day - dapfniedesign - inspired by Shimelle

As my two photos weren’t the size Shimelle’s photo was, I had to move it away from the edge, otherwise it would have been too unbalanced and quite right-sided. A few elements are similar to Shimelle’s, but I think I used her version more like a starting point and then scrapped on following my own ideas.

It's A Good Day - dapfniedesign - closeup 1

As I still have quite a lot of stickers, chipboards and other elements in my stash, I was able to combine all sorts of strips to my page; I think the wavy border has just waited to be used with these photos!

It's A Good Day - dapfniedesin - closeup 2

Shimelle finished off her layout using some golden splatters and I thought that would be a good idea on my page as well.

Hopefully I will have time to dive into some more scrapping today before returning to the “real life” later on. What are you all up to this Sunday?

Thanks for stopping by today!

A day out in the Purbecks | Scrapbooking Layout Triple with Video

Capture the Beauty - title - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

There are times in my life, when I actually got some spare time to do some scrapping. These times are rare (unfortunately) and I’d rather live a life and fill it with memories at the moment. Last weekend Mr Evans and I were busy doing nothing. Bliss. And when I came back home on Sunday morning, I was ready for my pretty paper and all the other nice little joys. I scattered everything around my flat; I am a visual person and I need to see what I own to make use of it, only then it lands on my layouts, otherwise I forget what I have!

Money is tight at the moment, that’s why I love shopping in TK Maxx; I am not after the clothes or decoration bargains – I am after the pretty PAPER of course! TK Maxx regularly gets paper collections from American Crafts (and their acquired brands Pebbles, Crate Paper …) and on one of my visits with Mr Evans I snatched the paper collection “Printshop” by Studio Calico – 12 papers, 12 designs for just £2.99. You. Cannot. Beat. This. Price. Really!
Being not up to date with the latest designs in the scrapbooking industry sometimes HAS its benefits – everything you buy, no matter when it has been published, seems brand new to you!

Anyway – where was I? Yes, the layouts of course! As I was really motivated (and my mojo was present), the prospect of another relaxed afternoon with some scrapping and delighted by the fact I finally could share something with YOU out there again, I set up my camera above my all-round table and just started scrappin’!

This was the first layout – “Capture the Beauty” – with a photo of me, which is quite exceptional! My friend Katja took it while she was visiting in February. We spontaneously drove to the coast and had some time left to visit Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. What a treat! By the way, the title of this page refers to the beauty of the landscape we were taking pictures of!

Capture the Beauty - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

As you can see in the video (at the end of this blogpost), I started off with the photo and thought about a sketch to go with it. Then I flicked through the pretty paper to find the right colours and patterns and after a while everything else came into place.
Capture the Beauty - close up 2 - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SCCapture the Beauty - close up - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

The second layout “Panorama Love” starts with a similar photo format, but landscape this time. Oh what a surprise – it is ME in the picture again!

Panorama Love - title - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

Nearly everybody nowadays knows how to take photos with their mobile phone and how to switch to panorama mode. This is just a great thing to do; although the person’s body’s physical distortions are sometimes quite funny. Katja caught me, standing in front of the great Worbarrow Bay, just in the right moment, before I was going to look really awkward!Panorama Love - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

I always liked the idea of using paper strips on my layouts; a great way to use up scraps anyway. As I wasn’t using up mine this time, I had to cut them first, then layered them into place and finally stuck them down. Even some twine found its way onto the layout – it definitely is a good thing to go “shopping” in your own stash!Panorama Love - close up 2 - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC Panorama Love - close up - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

Although I wanted to do four layouts when I started around midday, I stopped after the third one “Not to Miss Out”, which shows us three (or better: four!) – Mr Evans, Me, Katja and Obi the Dobi! Can you spot the dog in the picture?Not to miss out - title - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

The stone bench on the South West Coast Path, just before you start climbing Tyneham Cap (find it HERE), is an absolute MUST when you visit Tyneham Village and Worbarrow Bay. My opinion. Great evidence photos can be taken there. And – I am really baffled now – I am in the picture AGAIN!Not to Miss Out - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SC

Although the photo here was in the usual 2×3 ratio, it took the longest to scrap this page (you probably won’t see that in the video as I cut out some steps).

And I am honest; I didn’t plan to write the journaling onto those little chalkboard frames. This was just something what happened and fell into place while doing the layout.
I think I am more relaxed now when something changes. I just take it as it is. Like so many things in life! (Am I getting philosophical again?)Not to miss out - close up - dapfniedesign - Printshop by SCAnd that was the last one for now. Three layouts! Not bad for someone, who hasn’t done scrapbooking pages on a regular basis for nearly eighteen months! And hell, what changes these eighteen months have brought to my life… but I’m still here and slowly returning.

For everyone, who’s still with me and hasn’t had enough of me rattling away – here is the video from my creative process for these three layouts. I hope you brought some time with you! x