Cliff Lift | Weekend Adventure | Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts


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Hello my fellow crafters! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Ours was a bit divided: on Saturday it was sunny and quite warm, but on Sunday it rained again the whole day and I nearly switched on the heating! Yes, in July! Oh well, it is how it is! But as it was nice on Saturday, we enjoyed a walk in Ramsdown Forest.Starred Photos

This week’s layout is from a walk along the beach back in April. We “discovered” the cliff lift in Bournemouth (they even got three of them) and we even took a ride up the cliff!Cliff Lift - dapfniedesign - close up 1

I used up a lot of strips I had left in my bag of Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” paper collection by American Crafts. The paper collection is coming to an end soon! Just one more layout on Wednesday and I have finished it all up. This layout features the greens, blues and browns, which coordinates really well with the photo I think. The yellow butterflies are providing a bit of accents on this page.Cliff Lift - dapfniedesign

Cliff Lift - dapfniedesign - close up 2Although I did not strictly used just scraps from 6×6 papers, this layout could be count as one out of my 6×6 Paper Pad Series – and the real one is coming on Wednesday! Hope to see you then!

IKEA | I Challenge YOU! | “Printshop” by Studio Calico

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Happy challenge Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are not too exhausted for the new challenge I have for you today.IKEA - dapfniedesign - Printshop by Studio Calico - title

This Friday’s scrapbooking layout was actually completed yesterday on my day off (and it was a bit like a weekend day because Mr Evans and I went to Kingston Lacy for a lovely stroll around the grounds and a stop over in the restaurant for some sandwiches and a salad). I features a photo I took back in May when we went to IKEA to get a desk for my crafting and one for my PC (and several other things).

So what is special about this layout? Easy! It is a different size!

IKEA - dapfniedesign - Printshop by Studio Calico

From time to time I like to work with smaller pages (or even with divided pages). It changes the perspective of my work and makes me aware of all the possibilities you have when downsizing from a 12×12 page to a letter format of 8.5 by 11 inches (or even smaller). It also brings a variety to your scrapbooking albums with all these different sizes.

As the photo contained a lot of yellow tones I decided to use a similar colour scheme. “Printshop” by Studio Calico seemed a perfect fit for it. I also love the lighter patterns with the writing and the muted colours.IKEA - dapfniedesign - Printshop by Studio Calico - close up 1

The big stars are chipboards I got from Sarah – I happened to have the coordinating punch for it! Perfect match! Thanks again Sarah, looking forward to using them bit by bit!IKEA - dapfniedesign - Printshop by Studio Calico - close up 2

And now it is your turn for this week’s I Challenge YOU task: Step out of your comfort zone and discover a whole range of new possibilities with a different size of paper! I am looking forward to your projects, please keep them coming! x

Home of Choice | My Take On… 6×6 Paper Pads #3 | Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts

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Good Morning my crafty friends! When you are reading this, I am already on my way to a country park for an all-day-long trip with our holiday club. We all hope the weather is holding up and it is not getting too hot for the kids (and the grown-ups!).

Home of Choice - dapfniedesign - title

And as promised here is another take on my use of a 6×6 Paper Pad, and it is Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” paper collection by American Crafts again! Like I wrote on Monday, the collections is base around HOME and HOUSES. Kingston Lacy, a great National Trust place to have a leisurely stroll at any time of the year, would be a place I’d love to move into immediately!Home of Choice - dapfniedesign

Again, I used a few of the 6×6 paper pads sheets from this great scrapbooking collection and some of the stickers which I wouldn’t have used otherwise as they are really specific.How many times all Together - dapfniedesign - close up 2

See this sequin-ribbon? This was in my possession for a very long time, and finally it is used on this layout! Yay! There is no need to hoard all your stash – no one can see it in your drawers. Put it on a layout and adore it!Home of Choice - dapfniedesign - close upHave a great day everyone! On Friday it is time for a new Challenge and yes, it is based on your 6×6 Paper Pads!


Brownsea Castle | Weekend Adventure | Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts


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Happy Monday my scrappy friends! To start with, let me say thank you for all your comments on my blogpost last Friday with the relieving revelation of having a great job from September on! I sometimes still have to pinch myself to believe that I really was successful!

Anyway, Mr Evans and I celebrated this success at the weekend and went for a lovely walk along the beach. We spotted resting seagulls, flying humans, nature’s wonders and adventurous sailors.


Poole Beach

My Weekend layout features Brownsea Castle, not far from the beach in Poole we have been on Saturday actually! I took the shot back in April when Mr Evans and I visited Compton Acres Gardens in Poole.Brownsea Castle - dapfniedesign - title

For this scrapbooking layout I was again using papers from the Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” paper collection by American Crafts. The collection’s overall theme is about HOME and HOUSES – things which actually don’t apply to me really. So I needed a different approach to use the stickers and papers: I turned Brownsea Castle into my dream home! A girl can dream, right?!Brownsea Castle - dapfniedesign

Brownsea Castle - dapfniedesign - close up

Hope you all have a fabulous week! I am back on Wednesday with My Take On 6×6 Paper Pads!

How Many Times all Together? | I Challenge YOU with Stickers | Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” by American Crafts


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‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ said the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland once to himself. And I am late myself indeed this week. I am SO late, that I decided to skip last Wednesdays blogpost about using 6×6 paper pads and re-schedule it for the last week in July instead. Will you forgive me?!
It has been MANIC this week – I had a couple of interviews but was finally (and just in time before everyone breaks up for summer) lucky to find a lovely school who wanted me! I am over the moon! Hooray!

Right, that’s for the good news, let’s go back to pretty paper, shall we? Perfect. This weeks challenge for you is to use some of your stickers you are hording in your stash and you haven’t got use for.
How many times all Together - dapfniedesign - titleFor this layout I used more papers from Dear Lizzy’s “5th & Frolic” paper collection by American Crafts. While scrapping this page (and others), the collection was shrinking visibly, but I was still left with some stickers I just hadn’t had use for, e.g. the word TOGETHER and the big tree sticker. So for the title I tried to use the word TOGETHER (obviously), but tried to implement it in a questions and changed the use of it (the first thing which came to my mind when I saw the word TOGETHER was to scrap something about a friend and me and that we were “together” in that photo or place). But in this title, it has a different meaning and is looking at the total amount of the times I’ve been to Kingston Lacy (which apparently I cannot answer, because I haven’t counted!).

For the tree – it has a label on its stem saying “Remember this, the story of us”. Well, this was no use for me on this layout, so I just layered it with a banner to cover up the words.
How many times all Together - dapfniedesign

I also used some of the sheets of paper with numbers on it, because it is all about numbers and counting here. Sometimes it is just coming together easily, don’t you think? How many times all Together - dapfniedesign - close up 1
So, when you got some time this weekend, get your stickers out and try to look at them in a different way to use them on your layouts. They won’t be sticky for ever so use them while they still work! I am looking forward to your pages ladies!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!